Saturday, October 2, 2010

International Blasphemy Rights Day 2010

SEPTEMBER 30th, 2010

In celebration of International Blasphemy Rights Day 2010, SHIFT decided to transform the university's rock into a platform for free speech — for all.

This day was originally established to commemorate the controversial, Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad that were published on September 30th, 2005. Instead of restricting our celebration to blasphemy alone, however, we thought we'd give the entire community a chance to publicly express themselves as freely as we expressed ourselves last spring when we chalked stick figures of Muhammad around campus.

The results were gratifying, indeed!

There was, still, a fair amount of blaspheming/religious criticism ...

... but there was a nice mélange of opposing viewpoints (thankfully, because this would have been pretty pointless otherwise):

... but my favorite thing to see was evidence of different people's interactions/exchanges via this medium (almost like a real-life, public forum):

... some things that people wrote were even reminiscent of PostSecret, which was pretty cool to see:

... some contributions were heart-warming:

... some were heart-breaking:

... and yes, there were quite a number of penises drawn:

... but vaginas were also represented, so that's pretty neat:

... some people left insightful aphorisms:

... and some people really enjoyed just having the outlet:

... and of course, religious blasphemy wasn't the only form of blasphemy that we saw, heh heh:

... and then, we had a resident artist from SHIFT, Matt Kwiek the Gifted, who made some amazing illustrations:

So in conclusion, the event went really well!
People seemed to really enjoy themselves:

HERE you can read the article that The Daily Northwestern wrote about it.

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And here are some more noteworthy pictures, just for fun:

... and my personal favorite:

Keep an eye on this blog for more SHIFTy updates!

"Don't even worry about it",
Cassy Byrne
President of SHIFT
(Secular Humanists for Inquiry & FreeThought)
Northwestern University

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